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Product:Major-Work Fine-Art limited Edition.
Title of Artwork:Willy the Huli Plate:1
Plate Number:# 1
Artist:Garry Orriss (Australian). See also Biography and Awards.

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Medium:Large Format Photography.
Dimensions:Approximately 147cm x 127cm / 55 x 48 inches.
Paper Type:Kodak Professional.
Photographed:05.03.2003 at the artists Studio Berlin, Germany.
Signed:# / 150 Willy the Huli, Plate: 1 Garry John Orriss 2008.
(Inscribed on the lower part of the image).
Collaboration:Printed by the Professional Photo Services team, (PPS) in close consultation with Garry Orriss and his assistants in Berlin, Germany.
Limited Edition:YES: 150 Artworks for the Willy the Huli, Plate 1 edition exist. Each is numbered upwards from 1/150 - 150/150. There are no other photographic limited editions available.
Release Date:24.06.2008 as seen on the website, http://www.goart.com
Embossing: YES: Blind stamped by Garry Orriss with two Berlin studio embossing seals.
Stamped: YES: Stamped twice in black one of which is the artists' monogram. The Berlin studio stamp can be found around the GoArt high security hologram.
Special Notes:
This artwork was inspired by stories and photographs taken of Soki Headhunters from the late 1930's to early 1940's by the artists grandfather Allen Sneesby. See Biography. Once this Major-Work limited edition has sold out, all master slides will be handed over to the Australian Governments, permanent collection section at the Australian National Gallery in Canberra. From there no additional reproductions or limited editions with these dimensions will be produced.
The official signing ceremony for this artwork was Saturday the 30th of September, 2006 in Berlin, Germany. It was witnessed by Claudia Baetge and Helmut Schmitt, photographed by Dirk Moeller and filmed by Sandra Fritzsch.
Certificate of Authenticity: COAYES: Printed offset in English, individually numbered, dated and signed by Garry Orriss and the official witness Claudia Baetge. See Certificates of Authenticity.
Validation Code: YES: See Certificates of Authenticity.
COA ID Number: YES: See Certificates of Authenticity.
YES: This Artwork and its Certificate of Authenticity has a matching pair of tamper proof high security holograms. Each hologram is 30 microns thick, has internal codes, is individually numbered, and will self destruct if removed.
(GSPSS) Security: YES: This artwork has the full GoArt.com Six Point Security System, see Certificates of Authenticity.
Registered Artwork / Poster: YES: All Major Artwork sales are registered with Goart-Authenticated. See Certificates of Authenticity.
Documentation: A museum wall plaque, certificate of authenticity and a laminated information sheet is included with the artwork in any language required. Please note that the original Certificate of Authenticity is in English; you will also be issued with a general translated version, (unstamped and unsigned) in your language.
Subject: Huli Warrior ; Papua New Guinea ; People in Art ; Customs and Culture ; True-Stories ; Investing in Art ; Relationships ; Fine Art Photography ; Traditional Dress ; International Art ;
Basic Description: A Huli warrior in traditional dress lying with the skull of the man who killed his brother. Large Format - Fine-Art Photography with no digital changes or corrections made.
Related Artworks: There are a small number of Test-Strips in various sizes and shapes.
First Exhibited: A special Preview was conducted on the 19.08.2007 in Berlin and was opened by Helmut Schmitt and the Australian ambassador to Germany, Ian Kemish. Photo.
Background Information: For general information relating to this artwork and the person in it click here.
Copyright: Garry Orriss 2005 see Copyright Notice.
Charity and Sponsorship:The first artwork of this edition, number 1 /150 is reserved for a travelling exhibition, (approx. 30 countries) after which time it will be sold at auction with 100% of the proceeds (minus auctioneers fees) donated by the artist to a worthy and just cause. See also FAQ's.

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