We receive many requests at questions[at] asking about some of the interesting aspects, stories or behind the scene images. We have included some never seen before pictures of Garry and his work along with a brief description. For people wishing to read press articles about the artist please refer to our Media & Press section.

Garry talks about his artwork for the up and coming film "Hand in Hand". Directed by Sandra Fritzsch the film explores the political, social and religious ramifications of Orriss's artwork. Pictured from left to right are Garry Orriss, Sandra Fritzsch, Dirk Moeller and Helmut Schmitt. Photo Falk Drabig. If you would like to see a short film relating to this photo please click on film.

Behind the scenes! Detail number 54 is a small part of a much larger work. The finished artwork incorporates 10 couples from 18 countries and includes Hutu laying with Tutsi, Greek Cypriot with Turkish, Czech with Slovakian, Israeli with Palestinian and so on. It was photographed at the artists Berlin studio in Germany. To see the finished artwork go to Ten Couples. Garry Orriss 2007.

Studio Scene For the filming of the 20th anniversary of The Berlin ArtMarket, Garry Orriss is seen in this aerial view. GoArt 2010
A Sneak Preview! Garry shows us here one of his newest artworks incorporating an estimated 30 books of gold leaf. GoArt

An informal moment with Germany's Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück in front of a Garry Orriss drawing. Claudia Bätge 2009
A signing ceremony involves the artist signing a new limited edition series. Read more by going to The Cannibal. Dirk Moeller.

From left to right: Tattoo detail of a naked woman's inner thigh and leg, read more by going to Tattoo Art Photo Series. (2) Discussing composition while looking into monitors, Garry Orriss and steadicam operator Sandra Fritzche. (3) A get together after a days filming.

Enjoying a drink! Garry Orriss and the Canadian ambassador to Germany Paul Dubois in Berlin. Helmut Schmitt 2008.
Filming day! Sandra Fritzsch making a camera check before filming at the Garry Orriss Berlin studio. Falk Drabig 2010

Back to the roots! After Meeting his birth father Gary "Bronco" Cullen for the very first time Garry Orriss and his son Samuel Howarth made history by becoming the world's first ever three generation adoption. Tom Madden 2008.

A special one day exhibition! Among the many guests at the Garry Orriss preview of new artworks held at the artists studio in Berlin was, (from left to right) the Australian Ambassador to Germany Ian Kemish. The international German interior designer Peer Nettelbeck. Roxanne Martens the ambassador's wife and Heidrun Hogan, director of the Hogan Institute of Germany. Dirk Moeller

Work in Progress! A typical working day can be seen here with Garry working on the background to an artwork. An estimated 1400 hours of research and work has gone into the Tattoo Art series. To see the finished artwork or posters relating directly to this photo go to Tattoo Posters or Major Artworks.

Artistic Insight! Garry can be seen here explaining the various meanings that are contained within his artwork. 2010 GoArt
Part of the Team! From right to left: Michelle Ehrlichmann, Garry Orriss, The-CB, Alex Scholle and Katharina Jeschonek. 2010

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