Claudia Baetge is a well known European goldsmith and the winner of many international prizes. One of which is the 24th International Pearl Design Award presented by the Minister of Japan and the organization of international trade. She is an inspiration to the people that know her and to me my greatest asset. During my darkest hours it was she that made me see light at the end of the tunnel and invested a tremendous amount of time, energy and patience; she is also a major sponsor of and can never be thanked enough. To all of us here Claudia Baetge is a very devoted and giving person and such gifts as these are indeed rare. To visit Claudia in her Berlin goldsmith studio go to:

Helmut Schmitt is a honary and respected coach and trainer for many well known companies and has over 20 years of experience specializing in the field of marketing and management. He brings a wealth of knowledge to and is considered fundamental to the workings and strategic outlook of the company. As a "concept idealist" he is constructive, committed and very resourceful. His love of art, culture and promotion management of the arts has made him synonymous in the German music industry scene and he has launched the careers of many German bands, most notably Tanja Siebert. To visit Helmut go to:

Sandra Fritzsch is an accomplished camera woman and has worked many years in the film industry and on five star luxury liners documenting for the travel industry. She is a wonderful asset for and oversees all forms of video production from mixing, filming, right down to the digital mastering and editing of the Garry Orriss documentaries. At present Sandra is working with her team on a Goartworld cinema production that will come to the big screen in June 2010. Sandra expresses great enthusiasm for what goes on at and is considered by us a driving force. To see more of what Sandra does please go to:

Ralf Engelke is someone who is thoughtful and receptive to the very nature of Goart. He is constructive and as the project manager to Garry Orriss draws on every works given potential. Ralfs main mission is that of putting everything into place that make a project run smoothly. As a good and trusted friend he is indispensable for all that my art represents as well as the creative processes that it involves. Ralfs interest along side centre around his contact to nature and that of the Greenpeace movement. One of Ralf's more recent projects was to design and work on the dolphin David which is the mascot and pride of the Greenpeace fleet, the Rainbow Warrior. To visit Ralf go to:

Worldwide Representation: Helmut Schmitt,
Legal Representation: Europe: Peter Stadermann,
Internet: Dieter Stegemann and Dagmar Bender at,
Multimedia: Ingo Steinbach and the Pro-Web team at,
Markup validation services: Sandra Nickel at,
Layout & Design: Jeannette Bonefeld,
Studio Design: Peer Nettelbeck,
Languages & Translations: (German) Julia Ritter (English) Kerrie Morgen.
(Spanish) Soledad Mayoral Diaz. (Chinese) Yangkang Wang. (French) Claudette Hepburn.

Advertising: Dave G. Martin and the Neitworx team,
Sound Technicians: Jens Reule and the Ufo-Sound Studios, Berlin,
Official worldwide licensing and merchandise:
(Posters) Poster Editions:
(Books and publishing:)
(Charity and Sponsorship): (dedicated to fighting the causes of cancer).
(Special Limited Editions): (for all hand signed posters and limited editions).
(Sales Australia): Lilly Madden, see Contact details.

Music Credits: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Venice Queen"
New Order, "Blue Monday", Substance album
Linkin Park, "By Myself" Live in Texas:

Garry's Personal Assistants are:
Ralf Engelke (Project Manager),
Thomas Niemand, (Assistant),
Dirk Moeller (Assistant),
John Allen, (Assistant),
Kerrie Morgan (Art and Layout designer, Project realisation),
Peggy Zander (Event Management), Edward Harry (IT Manager), Valeska Zabel, (Press), Ines Abendroth (Catering Europe), Birgit Ansorge (Cleaning), Christine Bokelmann (Logistics and technical support), Jeremy Saunders, (Realisation), The Birpi People of Australia, (Realisation), Richard Eckes (Technical support), Jan Borkowsky, (Product Realisation), Falk Drabig, (Technical support), ANA Limousines, Sydney, Australia.


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