THE GOART STORY was created in 1996 before the start of the dot com bubble and has a truly fascinating history (read below). Since its creation it has seen ownership on three continents and in five countries, from France to Spain, China to Australia and most recently in Germany where it currently resides. Today is the official website of Australian born artist Garry Orriss and has offices in Europe, the Asia Pacific and North America. It is managed by the GoArt Network and serves as a platform for information on the life, times and art of Garry Orriss. Among its many visitors are art lovers, artists, art investors, painters, photographers, art critics and the general public. The GoArt-Network owns approximately 200 domains, within this network are the following GoArt related Top Level Domains (TLD's) and country codes. (Commercial), (Network), (Information), (Business), (Website), (Television), (Japan), (Netherlands), (China), (Spain), (Russia), (Denmark), (Singapore), (India), (Greece), (Austria), (Belize), (South Africa), (Belgium), (Tokelau), (New), (Italy), (Cocos Keeling Islands), (Poland), (Taiwan), (Asia) and (France).

On November 19, 1996 GoArt was born in Paris, France where it was created from the two easily recognizable and English words of 'Go' and 'Art'. The site was created not in English as the name suggests but in the French language for the French Art market. Its creator was Alain Zenatti an IBM EUROPE Management Controller who with some venture capital build the GoArt Artist Online Platform. The website enjoyed strong growth prior to the dot com bubble and had a good following of French artists in the cities of Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse. The website remained in the hands of Mr. Zenatti from November 19, 1996 until January 9, 1998, when it was then sold and absorbed into the Spanish internet group OpenArt for an undisclosed amount of money.

January 11, 1998 until May 20, 2002. After being stripped of its website content the domain was used to bring important website visitors and traffic into the newly formed host domain Today OpenArt .com is one of the worlds largest and most respected Spanish artist databanks.

On May 23, 2002 after the internet bubble burst the world saw internet shares fall sharply with many IT company stock falling from $100 to $2 per share in just days. was bought by a group of Chinese domain investors who entered the market to capitalize on the chaos. The acquisition of was made by Wen YŠng of Guangzhou, China and the domain was then passed into the hands of the resellers. GoArt was offered for sale at the lowest point of a depressed market and sold on August 15, 2002 for $ 650.00 USD. After extensive research it is believed now that the domain was sold in 1998 for $ 30,000 USD.

August 15, 2002. After the sale of the Australian artist / photographer Garry Orriss set out to create the GoArt Network and to buy all other GoArt Top Level Domains and country codes. Over the next two years many names joined this group including bought October 7, 2003 and purchased from The Netherlands Artists Group in 2004. On February 5, 2007 at 12:00 noon, Central European Time (CET) GoArt went live. Since then it has grown steadily from strength to strength and has acquired a large customer base of around 25,000 Garry Orriss art fans and poster art buyers, predominately in the countries of Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States.

GOART TODAY uses innovative communications solutions to bring you the comfort of a designer website in several languages. We have shops on three continents and our Art Handling services specialize in museum quality transportation for all Garry Orriss artworks, this includes crating, installation, storage and international customs services. We are the manufacturer, producer, deliverer, copyright holder and licence holder of all Garry Orriss posters worldwide. GoArt Posters have won many international prizes including the International Poster of the Year Award and have been exhibited in Poster Biennales throughout the world. From poster art sales we support many socially aware activities and donate regularly to worthy and just causes, one of which is fighting cancer through DNA research, see FAQ's. This website has an Audio Visual Gallery with our popular GoArt-Live (studio streaming videos) and Free Downloads section. Today on GoArt you can download information about the artist and artworks in many languages or use our Free GoArt graphics or monitor art and wallpapers in 7 sizes absolutely free. We sell Posters and artworks online 24/7, Contact and speak with a representative of GoArt on three continents. Our guarantee of quality and service to you is second to none. sells artworks and posters directly to the public thereby cutting out middlemen and the 70% commissions paid to art dealers and galleries, this saving is passed directly onto you, since its introduction our customer base has grown dramatically. The company actively promotes the art of Garry Orriss at many international art fairs, biennales, poster fairs, trade fairs, and tattoo conventions on three continents, see Tattoo Posters. When not on tour can be found at the famous 'Kunstmarkt' or 'Art Market' in the heart of the German capital Berlin at the UNESCO and world famous heritage site Museum Island every Saturday and Sunday. We have a professional team dedicated to serving you and our experience has proven that even though we took a road less travelled we did it on our own pure and untainted terms. Best of all, we did it our way by never compromising on integrity or losing our vision, aims and goals. We look forward to working with you in the future.

© 2009 Steven Smith

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Life can be understood backwards, but must be lived forward. Garry Orriss 1987