Name Garry Orriss
Date of Birth October 7. 1967
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia.
Studio(s) Sydney, Australia / Berlin, Germany / Seattle U.S.A.
Country of Residence Currently living in Berlin, Germany.
Languages Spoken English, German and Chinese
Official Website

BA        1987 - 1988 City Art Institute - Sydney College of Advanced Education, Sydney, Australia. Distinctions in Drawing, Painting, Photography (course incomplete)
DIP       1985 - 1986 "Art Certificate", Meadowbank Technical College School of Fine Art. Sydney, Australia. "Distinctions" in Photography, Painting and Drawing.
Grants/Fellowships (Awards / Honours, etc.)
2010    First Prize. International Poster of the Year Award, "Mario and Yvonne"
Judged by Bill Edmonds New York, U.S.A.
2000    First Prize. Hiroshi Shikida, International Drawing Prize. "Under the - Shower".
Adjudicated by Hiroshi Shikida. Tokyo, Japan.
1992    First Prize. Gympie Widgee Artists. Painting Prize. "Atrophy and Entrophy"
Judged by the Arts Committee. Gympie, Australia.
1991    Highly Commended Award Berrima District Art Society (BDAS), Young Peoples Award for
 Painting, "Metaphor to Existence",
Judged by the (BDAS). Berrima, Australia.
1990    First Prize.The Bowral Photography Prize. "Trees, rocks and the other thing!".
Judged by Ken Raffe. Bowral, Australia.
1989    First Prize."The Viewers Choice" Mosman Municipal Council - Town Hall Art Prize. "Sacred Ceremonies". Adjudicator John McDonald. Sydney, Australia.
1989    First Prize.The Bowral Photography Prize, "The Body as Landscape".
Judged by Nigel Willis, Chief Executive. Bowral, Australia.
1988    Second Prize.Bicentennial Royal Easter Show Drawing Prize,
"Past & Present Nr. 3".
Judged by the Arts Committee. Sydney Showground Australia.
1987    Highly Commended Award The Australian National Student Art Prize,
 "Past and Present Nr.2" Judged by the Arts Committee Bathurst, Australia.
1987    First Prize. Mitchell College Union Art Prize "Past and Present Nr. 1".
Judged by Chroma Acrylics. Bathurst, Australia.
1979    First Prize. The Camden Show. Section 1. "Going to the dogs" Children's art Section. (unknown judges). Camden Showground, Australia.
1978    First Prize. The Camden Show. Section 1. "Dad and the horse". Children's Art Section. (Judges unknown). Camden Showground, Australia.
Exhibition Record (Selected "solo" exhibitions)
2010 The Paint Room, Berlin Mitte, "Paintings on Canvas", Curator: Dirk Moeller,
Berlin, Germany "solo"
2010 Munchenbryggeriet, Inkbash. "Photography and Works on Paper".
Organized by Shark Productions AB. Stockholm, Sweden. "Catalogue"
2009 Museo San Fancisco Nov-Dec. Curator: Julius Wiedemann. La Paz, Bolivia. "Catalogue"
2009 The International Biennial of the Poster - (BICeBe). "Art on Cultural - Topics and Activities". La Paz, Bolivia. "catalogue"
2009 Radisson SAS Falconer Center, "The Sounds of Art". Curator: Kurt Lykke Linved. Copenhagen, Denmark. "Catalogue"
2007 Artists Studio - Berlin. "Special Preview", (Photography). Curator: Ralf Engelke
Exhibition opened by Sir Ian Kemish, the Australian ambassador to Germany. "Catalogue" "solo"
2007 Galerie z ruky, Etchings and works on paper. Curator: Stanislava Machácková. Nedvedice, The Czech Republic.
2007 Artists Studio, (Seattle, U.S.A.). "German Still Lives". Curator: Craig Faber. Seattle, U.S.A. "Solo"
2005 Artists Studio, (Berlin, Germany), "Emotions". Curator: Ralf Engelke. "Solo"

2004  -

2011    Atelier Claudia Baetge, The private collection of Dr. S. Schlisio, Boston, U.S.A.
A six year exhibition running from 2004 - 2011 at the Baetge Galleries.
Curator: Helmut Schmitt director of Schmitt-Promotions Europe. Berlin, Germany. "Catalogue", "Solo"

2004 Artists Studio - Sydney. "Maskman". Curator: Lilly Madden. Sydney, Australia. "Solo"
2002 Artists Studio - Berlin. "Des Blauen Reiters". Curator: Ralf Engelke. Berlin, Germany. "Solo"
2000 Lufthansa Centre, "How the West sees the East". Curator: Leona Zhang. Beijing, China. "Catalogue", "Solo"
1999 Kempinski Hotel, "Artworks On Paper", Overseen by the General Manager of Kempinski Hotels Christopher Newberry. Beijing, China. "Catalogue" "solo"
1999 The Carl Zeiss Planetarium, "Past and Present", Curator: Dietmar Starkowski. Berlin, Germany. "Catalogue", "Solo"

1990  -

1995    The artist travelled the world for five years with a bicycle from
Australia to Europe through 45 countries and completed an
artwork a day in large utility sketchbooks. Many of the 3000
artworks were exhibited at the "Carl Zeiss" exhibition above in
association with Germany's (Long Night of the Museums) in
which over 4000 people visited the exhibition on a single day.
"Catalogue", "Solo"

1993 The Clever Country, (Highway installation with 100 television sets). Marlborough Sarina - Highway, Australia. "Filmed", "Solo"
1992 Mon Repos, The Mon Repos Conservation park, Bargara Beach, Australia. "Public performance with Installations". "Filmed", "Solo".
1991 The Artist Studio. "Human Compositions". Bundanoon, Australia. "Solo"
1991 The Old Brewery Gallery, Drawings on Paper. Goulburn, Australia. Curator: Jackie Ranken. "Solo"
1990 The Artist Studio, "Works on Paper". Bundanoon, Australia. "Solo"
1990 The Burning. The burning of all the artists' artworks and possessions. Bundanoon, Australia. "Filmed", "Solo".
1989 Mosman Town Hall, "Sacred Ceremonies", Adjudicator: John McDonald. Sydney, Australia. "solo"
1989 The Artist Studio, "Recent Paintings". Bundanoon, Australia. "Solo"
1988 Con Mourakas Gallery. "Paintings, Drawings and Etchings". Curator: Debrah Mourakas. Bundanoon, Australia. "Solo"
1988 The Artist Studio, "Lloyd Rees, the Final Portrait!" Bundanoon, Australia. An exhibition showing many sketches and one large portrait painting made of Lloyd Rees by Garry Orriss prior to Rees's death. "Solo"
1987 The Wendy Smith Gallery, "Drawing on Paper". Curator: Andrew Clegg. Bundanoon, Australia. "Solo"
1986 Party out of Bounds, (The Wrapped House Project). Public performance and installation which saw the artist being arrested by the police. Bundanoon, Australia. "Solo" , "Filmed"
Bibliography (Selected Art Reviews, Interviews and Articles about the artist).

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Collections (Corporate, State, National and Public Art Collections)

The United States Library of Congress, Washington DC, U.S.A. - The International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Museum of Design, Zurich, Switzerland - The Danish Poster Museum, Arhus, Denmark - The Folkwang Museum, Essen, Germany - The Grupo Catalográfica Art Collection, La Paz, Bolivia - Plakat Forum e.V., Essen, Germany - Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany - Galerie Anatome, Paris, France - The National Museum in Poznan and The Gallery of Art and Design, Poznan, Poland - The OnAngels Art Collection, Colarado, U.S.A. - Quantas, Australia - Castle Mauensee, Mauensee Island, Switzerland - The Hoffmann Art Collection, Berlin, Germany - The Uli Sigg, Art Collection, Sursee, Switzerland and Beijing, China - The Mitchell College Union Art Collection. Bathurst, Australia. - Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK / Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, MfGZ / sammlung, Zurich, Switzerland. Garry Orriss is represented in numerous private art collections around the world.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, (MfGZ) / Plakatsammlung, Alessia Contin Pressedienst. Zurich, Switzerland. Tel: +4114462288 - Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, (ZHdK) Curator: Bettina Richter. Tel: +41434466606 - The Hoffmann Collection, Uwe Hoffman, Cottbus, Germany. Tel: +4935531010 - The Uli Sigg, Art Collection, Castle Mauensee, Switzerland. Tel: +416304206 - Long Night of the Museums, Dietmar Starkowski. Carl Zeiss, Berlin, Germany. Tel: +49304218450 - City Art Institute, Director: Prof. Ken Reinhard Paddington, Australia. Tel: +6123399555 - 100 Beste Plakate e. V. Präsident: Prof. Stephan Bundi. Radebeul, Germany. Tel: +493518393382 - The University of New South Wales - College of Fine Arts. Sydney Australia. Tel: +6123399506 - Galerie z ruky, Stanislava Machácková. Nedvedice Czech Republic. Tel: +566566494 - Claudia Baetge Kunstsammlung, Berlin, Germany. Tel: +49304453313 - Meadowbank College of Tafe, Administrator: Jocelyn Maughan Meadowbank, Australia +6128080211 - Sydney Community Radio 2RRR FM, Russell Taylor Tel: +61298162938 - The Grupo Catalográfica, (BICeBe) David Criado President. La Paz, Bolivia. +59122247694 - Der Berliner Kunstmarkt, Museum Island. Klaus Schöll, Berlin, Germany. Tel: +01723018873 - Buro13 Art Collection, Roger Bach, Director. Berlin, Germany. +49304401260

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