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Prior to the creation of this website and a book to accompany it, several false signatures on Garry Orriss authentic etchings between 1986 and 1988 have caused Garry Orriss and GoArt.com to research available technologies and include a number of State of the Art Forgery Protection measures. One of these measures includes the use of a tamper proof high security hologram that is made of the same materials used to encode passports and other important government documents. Security hologram foil is costly, difficult to acquire and impossible to imitate. It is thanks to this innovation and the unique GoArt.com Six-Point Security System that no Garry Orriss artwork has since been counterfeited. Our Six-Point Security System includes the following features:

Every Garry Orriss signature is witnessed by a third-party/person or group of people, a witness present signs a certificate to verify this. Each signing ceremony is documented, filmed and photographed, with a record of this kept on a secure permanent file. The artist signature, accompanying certificate and GoArt.com guarantee verify that you own an original Garry Orriss artwork.

A Certificate of Authenticity is printed off-set, (not inkjet), and is issued for every hand-signed artwork. Certificates of Authenticity contain valuable information about each work and are important documents. All technical details with third party collaboration, dates, names, places and other information can be found on the certificate. Your Certificate of Authenticity has a colour photograph of the artist and a witness signing to verify your artwork. If your artwork is ever lost or stolen all we require is a copy of this certificate.

A tamper-proof high security hologram is affixed to every Garry Orriss hand-signed artwork and it's matching Certificate of Authenticity. This anti counterfeit hologram has special internal codes and is only 30 microns thick. All holograms self destruct when removed with every second hologram leaving the word VOID. Printed onto every hologram is a special corresponding number which means that there are only two holograms that correspond to your one artwork and it's matching Certificate of Authenticity.

All artworks and their Certificates of Authenticity carry a different COA ID code, Artwork COA ID number and Validation Code, so no three numbers are ever the same. Records of these numbers and their internal codes are kept on file with the artist and at Goart.com independently.

As an extra security precaution all artworks and their Certificates of Authenticity are embossed with special embossing studio seals that cannot be photocopied.

The buyers name is recorded in the official Logbook, so if an artwork is ever lost or stolen your ownership details are at hand. All Garry Orriss hand signed artworks are traceable and if you purchase an artwork from a gallery or previous owner or buyer, you may at any time update our Logbook ownership records and bring your name inline with current ownership information.

Please Note! If you purchase a Garry Orriss artwork from someone other than us, we recommend that you to register it with Goart-Authenticated. By doing so, you help in keeping our ownership records accurate and up to date. This system has many advantages, and has in the past led to the recovery of several lost and stolen works. GoArt is informed by several online auction houses, every time a Garry Orriss artwork is offered online. For more information about this and many other questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or Terms and Conditions Agreement.

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