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Product:An official Garry Orriss hand-signed poster with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. (Traceable artwork). This oversize commercial custom high-grade quality Fine-Art poster is signed by the artist, dated, embossed, edition stamped and comes with a matching Certificate of Authenticity with two tamper proof High Security Holograms.
Title of Poster:Mario and Yvonne Plate: 8
Artist:Garry Orriss (Australian). See also Biography and Awards.
Price: Zone 2. Europe € 200.00 Euros. + Postage & Handling. Buy Now
Zone 3. Australia / Asia Pacific $ 340.00 AUD. + Postage & Handling.* Buy Now
* Limited numbers available!
Dimensions:100 cm x 70 cm.
Poster Printed in:Germany 2007, Australia 2008, United States 2008.

The official signing ceremony for this Hand Signed Poster was Monday the 1st of January, 2010 in Berlin, Germany. It was witnessed by Claudia Baetge and Frank Rode, photographed by Susanne Schlisio and filmed by Ralf Engelke.
Certificate of Authenticity: COAYES: Printed offset in English, individually numbered, dated and signed by Garry Orriss and the official witness Claudia Baetge. See Certificates of Authenticity.
Documentation: A certificate of authenticity and an information sheet is included with the poster in any language required.* Please note that the original Certificate of Authenticity is in English. If required you will be issued with a general translated version, (unstamped and unsigned) in your language. For more information login to your Customer Account for details. * Please note that for some languages translation times apply.
YES: This Artwork and its Certificate of Authenticity has a matching pair of tamper proof high security holograms. Each hologram is 30 microns thick, has internal codes, is individually numbered, and will self destruct if removed.
(GSPSS) Security: YES: This signed poster has the full GoArt.com Six Point Security System, see Certificates of Authenticity.
Registered Artwork / Poster: YES: 'Traceable Artwork', this Hand-Signed Poster is registered with the artist and on the official owners list at GoArt-Authenticated. See Certificates of Authenticity.
Validation Code: YES:
COA ID Number: YES:
Embossing: YES: Embossed by Garry Orriss with a Berlin studio embossing seal.
Stamped: YES: Stamped in black with one of the artist's studio stamps, within which is the special Goart-Authenticated high security hologram.
Language(s):Languages printed on the back of posters.
European Edition: English, German, Spanish and French.
Australian Edition: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and German.
American Edition: English (US), Spanish, German and French.
Printing Process: Offset, lithograph incorporating a special UV lamination protection film.
Paper type: PH neutral, acid free and chlorine free PROFI-Silk Professional paper 200 gsm.
Subject: Garry Orriss ; Tattooed Couples ; Real life couples ; Marquesas Islands ; Cultural Posters ; True-Stories ; Unique Couples ; People in Art ; International Art ; Fine Art Posters ; Tattoo Posters ; World Art ; Photography ; Professional Posters ; Signed Posters ; Famous Photographers
Poster Publisher: Garry Orriss and Goart.com in association with Goartworld.
Printing Process: Offset, lithographs incorporating a special UV lamination protection film.
Paper type: ( IGEPA PROFI-SILK ) Acid Free, PH neutral and chlorine free PROFI-Silk Conservation paper 200 gsm. This product is part of a voluntary, internationally-harmonised environmental product declaration. See below.
YES. Profi-Silk is made from sustainable forests and is chlorine free, (TCF). It has archiving and permanence qualities that fulfil all the requirements of ISO 9706 for permanent paper. Only approved chemicals are used in this product in compliance with recommendation XXXVI 'Paper and Board for Food Contact' of the BfR.* This paper is suitable for direct contact with dry and fatty foodstuffs. Profi-Silk meets all purity requirements and (heavy metal content) of the EN 71-3 ' Toy Safety' Act and in Part 3: Migration of Certain Elements (Oct. 2002). Profi-Silk paper is fully recyclable. (* Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany)
Background Information: For general information relating to this artwork and the people in it see Art Info.
Basic Description: An original Garry Orriss hand signed poster with a matching Certificate of Authenticity with two tamper proof High Security Holograms. (Traceable Artwork). This fine-art poster is of Commercial Custom High-Grade Quality. It incorporates the very latest in UV protection gloss lamination technology and is printed on the back with information about the artist and his work in at least four languages.
Related Artworks: Major Artworks. Large photographic limited edition prints measuring 170cm x 130cm, for collectors and investors of international art.
Test-Strips. Small test photographic originals in various sizes and shapes.
Related Products: An Unsigned Poster is available and sold worldwide.
First Exhibited: The first Hand-Signed Poster to be publicly exhibited was at the artists preview of new works and was officially opened by Helmut Schmitt and the Australian ambassador to Germany Ian Kemish on the 19.08.2007 in Berlin Germany at the Claudia Baetge Galleries. Photo.
Copyright: Garry Orriss 2005 see Copyright Notice.
Registered with the United States Library of Congress October 2007.
Charity and Sponsorship:

YES: The artist is donating € 10.00 Euros for every Hand Signed Poster sold worldwide to the fight against cancer and leukaemia research. For more information about this or to see where the money goes go to research.
Please Note that the number one (1) of any limited edition or in any open-ended series that is numerically numbered upwards will be reserved for an international travelling exhibition through approximately 30 countries. After which time it will be auctioned off with all 100% of the proceeds (minus auctioneers fees) donated by the artist to a worthy and just cause. Sign up at Art Info today to be informed about auction results or exhibition times and dates and to see when a new Garry Orriss artwork is posted online. Register now.

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